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Kalgoorlie is a historic gold mining town in Western Australia. Resembling a wild western movie it lies 595 km east of Perth surrounded by desert and the rugged outback. It is also known as Kalgoorlie Boulder after its neighbouring township.

The city was founded on goldfields in 1893 and 50 mines still operate in the district today, mining for gold and other minerals. The Super Pit is one of the major Kalgoorlie attractions, a massive gold ore mine resembling a huge canyon in the ground. Hannan Street is the main street in town, with big old pubs and nineteenth century buildings lining the footpaths.

The town is filled with historic buildings, museums and old hotels. Plenty of quality accommodation in Kalgoorlie is available for short or extended stays.

In its hey-day Kalgoorlie was filled with cowboys, gambling and brothels. Today, tours are conducted of brothels in Hay Street, a major drawcard for Kalgoorlie tourism. Langtrees 181 is a renovated bordello, where each room has a different theme depicting the lives of the women who once worked here.

You can travel to Kalgoorlie by the popular Indian Pacific train which crosses the Nullarbor Plain from east-coast Australia to Perth a few times a week. Travelling around by Goldrush bus tours and 4WD are the best way to see the region. The famous Golden Mile Loopline Railway is another popular tour in the area.

To find your way around, the Information Centre provides free maps of the area.

Its inland location makes weather in Kalgoorlie dry and hot. Winter is peak season when temperatures are slightly more pleasant.

Kalgoorlie Accommodation

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